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Couldnt agree with you more. As a member of a public service union, I am increasingly displeased by the willingness of our, "Union", to get behind candidates that are "Pro-Labor", despite their dispicable track records and self-serving interests.
There does need to be a balance though. Suddenly yanking the benefits and slashing the salaries just because, "management", aka the government, cant seem to manage or plan with forethought into the future. This lack of vision threatens public safety and is no fault of the unions or the people that serve.
So there is a give and take in the current format. The problem lies in the fact that public service isnt private sector business. The absolute waste and corruption goes on at all levels, and eliminating the unions is like cutting off one head of the hydra. The monster will simply grow another one in its place and continue on the path of corruption and greed. The unions are merely a reflection of the government and, sadly, society in general.

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