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I did not even know--officially that is--of a color named "Burnt Sienna"! But, now that I do, you definitely seem like a 'burnt sienna' guy. It seems more difficult than ever to stick to your guns in the current economic conditions/business climate. Most people are just scrambling to save their own heads. Furthermore, in a day when mores seem to be constantly changing, it seems even more difficult to know precisely what the "right" course of action is. Many--if not most today--seem to define "right" by results, rather than principles. As Jason Bourne's lovely romantic interest in the first Bourne Identity stated emphatically: "No one does the right thing...." That seems to sum up post-modernism. The question is how can we define what is right? How do we know if we are doing the right thing--that we are truly 'principle-centered' vs. simply delunding ourselves into thinking we are better than we really are.

Tom, always the clear thinker, is typically 100% on the money, and I do not doubt his sanguine advice in this context. However, when there are many competing models--politically, socially, and in business--in existence, all laying claim to the throne of "righteousness", how can one select with any accuracy between them?

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