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Nichoas Vakkur

There is a real danger here: because the information Tom provides is free to all, it may easily be taken for granted. I for one will not fall into that trap. Clearly, Tom knows volumes about what it means to function and succeed as an executive--that is clear in all of his lessons. What this most recent post indicates to me is the sublime nature of excellence. The chasm between success and failure, if you read carefully, is not that wide. Success for a CEO means reading between the lines, managing the battles which never make headlines, and now we learn, seizing apparent failure as a vehicle towards success. That tells me that all CEOs experience failure--or some type of suboptimal outcome. However, clearly not all manage to succeed. I eagerly await learning more with each new posting. (Maybe there is potential room for Tom as a member of the President-elect's administration, teaching these invaluable lessons to entrepeneurs, government employees, and even politicians? Who knows what positive outcomes might result?)

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