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Nicholas Vakkur

The information in the most recent posts is quite impressive. I am confident that the information presented here- as needed to successfully run a business- is more comprehensive, analytical, and probably useful than that presented at Harvard Business School. I am very impressed at the comprehensive nature of the analytics and the clear presentation.

At the same time, in reading the material it seem apparent that the amount of time and energy required to run a successful company is enormous, and even then is still probably insufficient. (Hence, the stereotypical workaholic CEO who is married to his job). I am amazed by the detailed analystics and calculations offering invaluable insight into the firm and its operations. It seems like a good manager must also be an excellent detective, sort of like Sherlocke Holmes sneaking around incognito to find out what is 'really' going on in the firm.

I also have several questions as follows: a) To the degree that this is true, how does a responsible manager know what information to trust and what requires personal investigation? Is there a fine line between the two alternatives, or is it apparent? b) It seems that in calculating firm specific ratios it is relatively easy to be objective and unbiased. However, in my experience- probably due to a lack of skill on my behalf- evaluating people is much more difficult, since we are now dealing with a human being. How can one learn the skills of becoming an effective manager in terms of dealing with subordinates (e.g. making effective, unbiased and informed personnel decisions/judgements as required for the organization to succeed)?


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