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thomas epley

Nicholas, you've captured the essence of this entire publication with your comment "success is more a function of action than it is of certainty". Congratulations on your perception and succinctness.

Nicholas Vakkur

I really enjoyed reading this most recent 'link' for several reasons. First of all, it answered several of my questions regarding execution that I had shared in this same forum previously (e.g. in essence, these questions are the same as those which dog researchers searching for 'perfect' answers to complex questions, such as "how can you trust your conclusions to possess any degree of certainty?"). It is clear to anyone who diligently absorbs the wealth of information contained in these pages that, for a manager (and perhaps in a different sort of way for a researcher as well) success is more a function of action than it is of certainty. While action must be prudent and follow a logical course to create a desired outcome, the manager that acts only when she is entirely certain will ultimately produce a less than desirable outcome. I realize that this summary is simplistic and overlooks the majority of valuable lessons in this most recent concept. Nonetheless, it amply describes what is of most value to me personally.

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