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Having just taken over management of a technical team, I have been going through assessments of the existing staff because we will need to take some cuts. Must admit that I've been doing the linear approach to evaluations, and it's always lacking because of the obvious dimensional mismatch Tom mentions.

Now I can quickly in my mind identify the few "don't lose 'em's" and the point is taken that I must ensure they know they are appreciated. (How sad that we as managers spend so much time on the problem-people who are never worth it.) But a question comes to mind: For those competents with the poor attitudes, can they be changed? Or do we spend time trying to improve the competencies of those with the good attitudes? Or?

It's not realistic to expect that all will be great least not in the short term--we need to keep delivering and replacing a large part of the team in the short term is just unrealistic. Thoughts?

Betsy Wood Knapp

Tom, I'm trying to email "Don't Lose 'em" to several colleagues. The Feed Blitz website is difficult to use. Question, can I put multiple addresses in the TO field?

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