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Peter Mombaur

This blog is very good, the topics target practical issues that are useful even for experienced turnaround managers.
I especially like that the topics are brief and concise, a prerequisite for continued loyalty for busy execs.

My main suggestion going forward is that you consider offering a mailing service which allows to receive new posts without having to actually visit the blog. E.g., I am unlikely to regularly check the blog because I am quite busy, but I’d very much appreciate if I were able to subscribe and regularly receive posts.

Another great service would be to offer pre-booked 'live' advisory sessions, I think that would be most valuable!

so long, Peter (co-founder of the African Leadership Academy)

Fred Swaniker

I think this blog is excellent! I couldn't agree more with the need to develop smart internal data systems and to use this internal data for key decision-making. The trick is to identify those key metrics that provide summary information about what is going well in the organization, and what deserves attention. In Jim Collin's book "Good to Great", he talks about the need to create mechanisms for 'Red Flags' to provide ealy indication of problems in an organization. I think having smart data systems and instilling the discipline for using them is a great way to ensure these 'red flags' are seen. I can't wait for this article to be published in the 3rd quarter so I can put some of your recommendations into practice. Thanks so much for launching this great blog!

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